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Since it’s close to Halloween and I love Halloween all my fashion blogs I will also talk about ways to turn the things I try on into costumes. Now if you think of ideas that I don’t please comment your ideas or message me. I’ll try to update it with the new ideas.

Pink Tulle Skirt

My first package I got I didn’t have much hopes for because of past experiences with tulle skirts bought online. When I opened it I knew if it fit it would be tight.


Now the material is cheap and short. If you were getting this for just a one-time thing, I would say it’s worth it. They had it in several colors. There are SO many ways you can wear this for a Halloween costume. Some ideas are fairy, unicorn, dancer, ____.




Now I wore a swimsuit under, which was the same color, so it wouldn’t look too strange. The skirt under had no give and wouldn’t pull down for me. So I would say if anyone wears this they should be a few inches smaller than me.


Sky Blue Long Sleeve Dress

I got this in Lake Blue size 3x. So far this came in the nicest package.


This dress did come in many other colors. Also hello pockets!  It would be a good basic dress to use for many outfits. The material was soft, made me think of Lularoe. I rarely wear long sleeves, but this would be a great thing to wear the few days I want long sleeves. It’s very light weight, so it would be great for when its cold out, but not cold enough for a coat. 



Ideas I have for Halloween are the red one for Elmo, sky blue for cookie monster, if you had a group you can each wear different colors and be crayons, if you have some skills some of these colors can be used to make for the Star Trek outfits.

Green Sleeveless Tunic

I got this in a size 3x. I was hopeful this would be more dress like than a tunic. It is a little thin and super soft. I, at first, tried this on with a black bra but relaized how you could see it. If you like to wear layers this would be great. I do layers a lot since many tanks I like seem to be thin like this one. 



You can turn yourself into watermelon, green M&M’s , do a pun costume of “holy guacamole”.

Sunflower Spaghettii Strap Dress

I got this in a size 3x. This and the last thing I got were the ones, I was most excited about. I was worried this would be like the tulle skirt and  fit it super tight. It was made out of polyester and not soft like the others. I wore this without a bra because I felt like it had enough support. I may have worn it with one my bralettes, if I was going to wear it all day. I may honestly buy this in the other colors. I really liked it. It reminded me of the 90s. I just wished it was made with some cotton, so that the material felt better. 



Okay so I got this hoping I’d come up with some Halloween custom ideas. I just really wanted to try this dress on. My only idea right now is to be a field of sunflowers. Some of the other colors/prints you could use them as a base for other Halloween outfits.

Metallic Pink Skirt

I got this in a size 3x. I honestly think I should have gotten a 2x. It was a super bright beautiful pink. I loved this skirt. It was a little longer than I thought it would be. I really want to get this in a smaller size. I liked it came with a little thank you card from the company. 



The Halloween ideas a woman superhero. This came in number of other colors. There are even some women villains you can use this for. This skirt actually made me think of the cartoon Jem from the 80’s. I am sure there are many different ideas that others could come up with.

My measurements

Bust : 54 inches / 137.16 centimeters

Waist: 53 inches/ 134.62 centimeters

Hips: 59 inches/ 149.86 centimeters

Sizes I normally wear: 3x and 24/26.


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