My Dream Halloween Outfit


My Halloween outfit was a mix of emotions. I went through all the feels. Columbia has been someone I’ve loved since I was a kid. I alway loved how playful and mysterious she was. She also wasn’t afraid of love that others didn’t approve of. I have wanted to dress up like her since Forever. I always found reasons to not dress up like her. It use to be because I’m fat. Then because they don’t sell her outfit in my size. With the help of my friend Evie I found a way to make it work this year. She may not have realized just how much she helped me. She asked me what was something I’ve wanted to be and why I couldn’t. I sat there for the first time in years and the only reason I could come up with for why was money. She then helped me to find cheaper ways to make this work.


The thing that I worried I’d spend the most on was her top. I kept searching the net for corsets but couldn’t see myself spending that amount of money for one. Especially since I would have to cover it in glitter. I was on Torrid and saw their swimsuits were on clearance and I got the idea to use a tankini. I didn’t end up using one from them because I couldn’t find one that I was comfortable in.  I found a black tankni from Old Navy that felt like a corset and made me feel comfortable. I had planned to cover the whole top in glitter using Mod Podge . That however became pricey and time-consuming. So I went and found some tulle that had glitter on it. I got fabric glue to use and glued it on the bottom half of the tankini.


For my hat I used Mod Podge and gold glitter. I made my bow from a hair bow I found and took apart. The shorts I got on clearance from Torrid. I was going to do the stripes on them but it became too much work and pricey. I got my fishnets from Amazon. I never did get my light blue socks so I used some blue socks that I own. The original plan with the shoes was to get some Mary Janes and glitter it myself. I got lucky and found some on Amazon that already had glitter on them. I did order a gold sequin jacket online but of course it didn’t come in time for the party.


So the night before the party I decided to try the top on to see how it all looked together. This was the first time I was trying it on since I had put all the glitter on it. I couldn’t get it on all the way. The glue had made it where it wouldn’t stretch anymore.  I was really upset and crying. I woke up Saturday with the thought I was going to have to find a new Halloween outfit. So I went to Goodwill and Walmart looking for ideas and upset I couldn’t find much. I got home and talked with some my friends on Instagram and they helped me come up with an idea to fix my costume. I cut my top on the sides and the back. I found a black velvet jacket I had to hide all the cuts I did. I was so happy that I found a way to fix it.



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