I live in the south so I can get by with wearing jackets most of winter which is lucky for me because I hate coats. So I wanted to try on some jackets and do a review of them.

The first jacket I tried on was a 3x Levi’s Faux Leather Jacket. I was the most excited to try on this jacket. I always wanted to wear something like this but didn’t think I was cool enough for it in the past. This jacket is super cool and if you don’t like to wear leather this is a great alternative. It very much looks and feels like a leather jacket. The fit is great. This jacket would be better for more chilly days unless you use it with other layers.

The next jacket was a 3x Riders by Lee Denim Jacket. Denim jackets are a great classic look. They go with almost anything. I know some denim jackets can be stiff but that wasn’t the case with this one. It does have a little stretch to it. Like most denim jackets it wasn’t very warm so on colder days you’d have to wear this with layers.

The next jacket was a 3x Levi’s Acid Wash Bomber Jacket. This one was the warmest of all the jackets. I kind of felt like a pink lady in it. This jacket also made me think of my childhood it is so something I would have had in the 90’s. It was super comfortable and very warm. It would be great on colder days.

The last one I tried on was a 3x Columbia Rain Jacket. I’ve always thought about getting a rain jacket. This one is so nice because it still is breathable. Just like normal rain jackets it’s not going to keep you very warm on cold days. So layers is a must. Which I will say it’s not very oversized so you wouldn’t be able to do lots of layers.

My measurements

Bust : 54 inches / 137.16 centimeters

Waist: 53 inches/ 134.62 centimeters

Hips: 59 inches/ 149.86 centimeters

Sizes I normally wear: 3x and 24/26.

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