Fabulous People You Need In Your Life

For me true beauty in the world comes in diversity. I think so many people miss out on so much beauty. I believe much of my body diversity journey wouldn’t be the same if I hadn’t opened up to the world. If I didn’t seek out diversity. It was in their story I saw bits of myself. Yes I couldn’t fully relate to but there were parts I could relate to. It’s so nice to think that on the other side of the world are people living their lives with pain like yours, with joys like yours, with hopes, and dreams like yours. I wanted to share some of the Amazing people that you should follow!

1) Jari 

2) Corey

3) Nyla

4) Sapphire

5) Nicky

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🙌 @thecurvycon rocked my world! 💕 This was my 3rd year attending and one of the things that keeps me coming back is that as a fat babe I feel sooo comfortable just existing and taking up space. 😎 I loved that #thecurvycon is changing the fashion industry to be more size inclusive. And, I loved meeting so many of you IRL! ✨ Can’t wait to hear what is in store for 2019 from @garnerstyle and @ceceolisa! 👍 — #fatshion #thecurvycon2018 #teeupforchange #nativefashion #nativeamericansdiscoveredcolumbus #oxdx #plussize #plussizestyle #psstylewatch #psstyle #plussizefashion #psfashion #psootd #plussizeblogger #torridfashion #torridfitsme #torrid #torridinsider #plusmodelmag #whatfatgirlsactuallywear #fatatfashionweek #lovetheskinyourin #visiblyplussize #size28style #plussizestreetstyle #andigetdresses #embraceyourcurves #allbodiesaregoodbodies #stylefilesplus

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6) Sheila

7) Aarti

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My #fatisnotaviolation It wasn’t back in 2016 when my photograph with my friends jubilantly posing for a photoshoot in a local mag was deleted. It wasn’t when subsequent pictures over the years were deleted. But you made it so. My #fatisnotaviolation Your judgment is. Your point of view is. Your stares are. Your reporting of our images that Do Not Flout any rules are. Medical fatphobia is a violation. Fatphobia when travelling is a violation. Abusive fatphobia from trolls and familiars alike are a violation. My body is none of your Business. My empowerment is not for you. My sexuality is not for your consumption. My #fatisnotaviolation ALL FATPHOBIC COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED. AS ‘POLITE’ AS YOU THINK YOU’RE BEING WITH YOUR CONCERN TROLLING. #plussize #fuckfatphobia #effyourbeautystandards #fatacceptance #bodypositive #igsg #plussizesingapore #fatbabe #lovemybody #queen #curvesbecomeher

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8) Jasmine

9) Laura

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Day 23! Its hard to believe there are only seven more days of Self-Care September left! Today's theme is My Courageous Heart. This is one of my favorites – it's very personal to me. The concept of being brave is something I've spent a lot of time thinking about. Being brave/being courageous can look like so many things. It's not all jumping out of airplanes and quitting your day job to start your own business. My Courageous Heart is about all those small courageous moments that get overlooked. It's about the moment you choose to sit with your discomfort instead of letting your mind wander. It's about being kind to yourself when the world would encourage you to be cruel. It's a out when you open and allow yourself to be vulnerable with a friend instead of saying you're fine. All of these are important moments that lead to you being brave and strong and full of kindness for yourself and others. _________________________________________________________ What are moments in your life when you embrace your courageous heart? When are you present, grounded, loving, compassionate, strong, vulnerable, still…? _________________________________________________________ Don't forget to use #selfcareseptember To share your posts with everyone. _________________________________________________________ #selfcareseptember #bodykindness #mycourageousheart #selflove #selfcare #radicalbodylove #pcosawarenessmonth #spoonie #spoonielife #edwarrior #bodypositive #bodylove #youareenough #honoryourself #pcoswarrior #selfcareisntselfish #selfcompassion #selfcareishealthcare #celebrateyourself #fatliberation

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10) Leo

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