I love dresses! Here are some dresses I have tried on recently.

My friend Sandae did a style challenge where she asked people to wear leopard print. I don’t think I’ve ever owned anything lepord print. I wanted to participated so I got this dress. It’s a size 24 snow leopard print dress. The material is very soft and stretchy. I loved the fit. For me I would love it more if it was sleeveless.

The next was this size 20 empire waist dress. I am 5’3. It is long and I think would fit a little better if I was taller. I also think I should have ordered a size smaller. There is smocking on the back which doesn’t always feel comfortable against the skin. The other issue is the arm holes are a little odd. I still would wear this because it’s a nice cheap fancy looking dress. The fit is nice.

I use to love polka-dots. In 5th grade I wore them with every outfit. So I picked this size 3x Bodycon dress. So I do love the fit of this this dress but the way it’s made makes it hard to wear with a bra. You can also go braless if you are comfortable with this.

My measurements

Bust : 54 inches / 137.16 centimeters

Waist: 53 inches/ 134.62 centimeters

Hips: 59 inches/ 149.86 centimeters

Sizes I normally wear: 3x and 24/26.

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