Skirt Try On

I wanted to try on some fun skirts. I also was trying to pick things that have different looks and sizes.


It can be fun to feel like a dancer. So with this in mind I tried this size plus size 12-22 tulle skirt. I have some tulle skirts from Torrid. This one you can tell is really cheap. If you really wanted one and didn’t want to spend much I would say get this one. I would recommend if you have time to wait to try to get one from Torrid when they go on sale.

I wanted something that kind of had a bodycon feel. So with this in mind I got this size 3x velvet pencil skirt. This was my favorite thing I tried on. I have wanted something velvet for awhile. It felt like good quilty velvet.



If you’ve been reading my blog you will remember a skirt just this one. I wanted to try this again but a different size. This time I got a size 2x 20/22 metallic skirt. I was so sad that it didn’t fit comfortable. It does fit but super tight and painful. The 3x was lose but had a better fit. This skirt is so fun.

My measurements

Bust : 54 inches / 137.16 centimeters

Waist: 53 inches/ 134.62 centimeters

Hips: 59 inches/ 149.86 centimeters

Sizes I normally wear: 3x and 24/26.




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