Big Fig Review


When Big Fig asked me about doing a review of their mattress I felt like it was such a blessing. My wife and I have never had a new mattress. The one we had to use before came from my wife’s aunt. We actually had been talking about getting a new mattress because the one we had been giving us a lot of trouble. It was uncomfortable and old. My wife was having back issues from the mattress. I was actually looking to getting a mattress from Big Fig. I had heard about them from other plus size bloggers and read how wonderful they are. 

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% me.*



Sleep is important. If you spend 8 hours in your bed a day that would mean you spend  ⅓ of your life in bed. Without a goodnight rest your whole health is affected. When you don’t have enough sleep you aren’t as effective as you could be. Your brain maybe foggy. You may have a better chance of getting sick. You don’t always realize how important sleep truly sometime till it gets bad. One the things I think about the most with lost of sleep is falling asleep at the wheel. People don’t realize just how dangers it is to drive while being sleep deficiency. “Studies show that it harms your driving ability as much as, or more than, being drunk.

This bed is very firm but there is a softness to it at the same time. When I first laid on it I was blown away by this. The material it’s made from is so soft to the touch. I could tell how the bed is made from high quality material.



When you are fat there are issues you have to think about when buying a mattress. So many fat people have had to deal with the mattress getting saggy, having poor support, issues with the bed frame, and lost of edge support. Big Fig has fixed all these issues. They built their bed 50% denser and 50% more coils than in a standard innerspring mattress. They also built it bring the firm support to the edge. The frame is built to support up to 2000 lbs. The frame doesn’t come with the bed but it very much worth getting with the bed. 


IMG_20181201_201043_334One of the things I would like to bring up is this thing is HUGE. I mean I’ve had king beds before so I knew it was going to be big. Though this one seems heavier than ones I’ve had before. I believe this is due to them making it well. This is something to keep in mind if you are a person who likes to move your room around or plan on moving. If you have issues with lifting heavy things make sure you get help. Another thing to keep in mind is you should give your body some time to get use to the new mattress. Sometimes it takes a few sleeps for you body to get use to it. The first week my wife’s back felt sore but after that she said she felt great.





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