CowCow Dress Review

I have many dresses from CowCow. I got four new ones and wanted to do a review for them. Most the CowCow dresses I have I got off Amazon. I will say my two biggest issues with CowCow is they charge so much to up-size and the other is they don’t have any model diversity. I do like how who ever runs their social media tries to reach out to costumers. I just wish they would do more with this. I think most companies though should use pictures from actual customers more. At least use models that don’t all look the same.

Rainbow Brite


I was super excited to try a dress from Toni Tails. Extra bonus this is a Rainbow Brite dress! I love this print! Now I just need some rainbow boots. I got this in a 3x and had no trouble fitting into this dress. All the CowCow dresses are made of very stretchy material.

Doctor Who Dress


I love Doctor Who and was excited to try this dress. It is in a different style than I normally get from CowCow. It’s just cut a little different than the skater style dresses. I also think it’s a little shorter. I got this dress in 3x.

Judgy Cat Dress


I wanted to try a dress like this from them for a while. I loved the cut so much. I also have been really wanting a cat dress from CowCow. I loved how this cat looked like it knows your secrets. I got this in a 3x and wish it was just a little bigger. It was a little tight right under my chest. Also know with this dress the biggest size sold is 3x. The other dresses on this review go up to 5x. I also wore this without a bra because I felt like it had same support as a bra.

Dinosaur Dress

I wanted a dress with dinosaurs. I also have wanted to try this style of of dress. It’s very much like the skater dresses I normally get from them but with sleeves. I got this in a 3x. I loved this dress and it felt like a great teacher dress.

My measurements

Bust : 54 inches / 137.16 centimeters

Waist: 53 inches/ 134.62 centimeters

Hips: 59 inches/ 149.86 centimeters

Sizes I normally wear: 3x and 24/26.

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