Winter Time Swimsuit Shopping

I know it’s winter. But one of the things that helps get me through the cold months is making spring and summer plans. I also like to watch for the new spring and summer  clothes. One of my favorite things to watch for is swimsuits. I am so ready to get some new ones for this summer. Some companies have already come out with some swimsuits and here are my favorites so far:


Sequin Bikini Top

This looks so fun. I do wonder how it would look in real life though. Sometimes things look nice to look at but doesn’t work as nice in real life. Many times this is what sequins have been for me. They look nice but doesn’t feel nice against my skin.


Tropical One Piece

I haven’t worn a one piece in a very long time. I really like this one. It’s very fun and flirty. Sometimes people will ask me about one pieces. This is one I’ll keep in mind to tell them about.


Tropical Bikini

I really like colorful tropical prints. This one seems fun but I always worry about tie up bikinis will come undoon because that happened to me once. If I see this one on sale I may get it.


One Piece Flower Print

I love the look for this suit. One of the things I have seen thin women do that I’ve always wanted to do is wear a suit like this with jeans. They would just wear it out not always to go swimming. I just always loved the look. I feel like this suit was just made for that look.


Animal Print Bikini

This is so fun and different for me since I don’t normally do animal print. It also made me think of my friends


They always look so badass in their animal print. I would love to badass like them and think this suit would help me look badass.

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